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What you should know about the most common sex toy materials.

Sex Toy Materials
Many types, many choices! Our guide to sex toy materials will answer many questions you may have about these choices.


Silicone is a top quality material. Sex toys that are made using silicone are of better quality than most other sex toys. This is often reflected in the price of silicone toys, as they are usually more expensive than rubber or jelly toys. However, you get what you pay for. Silicone toys last longer than jelly, latex or rubber toys and glide over the skin with greater ease than other types of materials. Silicone sex toys are soft, pliable, smooth and squishy. Silicone also quickly reaches and then retains body temperature, making the toy feel more realistic and generally improving the whole sexual experience.

Silicone sex toys are easier to clean and are more hygienic than most other sex toy materials. This is because silicone is non-porous, so you can easily wash your toys with soap and water or boil them in hot water to sterilize completely. (Make sure the toy does not take batteries or have a motor if you intend to sterilize in hot water, as this process will more than likely damage any electronic parts). In addition to being durable, silicone toys are nearly hypoallergenic. Only in very rare cases do people experience allergic reactions to toys made from silicone. For people who have allergies to certain materials, a silicone sex toys is the perfect safe choice.


Top quality sex toys made of metal are usually made of 316L surgical stainless steel. Sex toys made of stainless steel have an unlimited life span as they are completely non-porous. This makes these toys incredibly easy to clean by just wiping them or rinsing them with warm water. Sex toys made of metal are potentially dangerous and should always be used with extreme care. Metal sex toys are usually used by S&M aficionados.


Glass sex toys are generally much more expensive than most other sex toys. However, sex toys made of glass are of the highest quality. Most of the sex toys made of glass that are of good quality are made from borasilicate, lead free glass. Glass made sex toys can be immersed in ice or in hot liquid and will maintain the desired temperature for about 20-30 minutes. This allows for contrasting sensations when using these toys. Glass sex toys have a near unlimited life span as they are completely non-porous and can be easily disinfected and cleaned by simply rinsing the toy under water. Glass sex toys are safe, hypoallergenic and help eliminate cross contamination that is associated with normal materials used to manufacture sex toys. When using glass sex toys make sure you are gentle and careful.


Cyberskin is manufactured from a high quality mixture of silicone and plastic. The result is the most realistic skin and flesh feeling material. Cyberskin is also know as thermal plastic. Sex toys made from Cyberskin become warm with use. This helps increase the sensation of real skin on skin contact. In fact, cyberskin is the closest thing to real skin available to buy. Cyberskin's main disadvantage is that it is porous. This makes it difficult to clean or disinfect. Ensure you clean your cyberskin toy after each use with sex toy cleaner. When using lubrication with your Cyberskin toy make sure you only use water based lubrication. If you use any other type of lubrication your sex toy will simply disintegrate or fall to bits. The realistic feel of cyberskin is fantastic! To ensure it stays that way always store sex toys made of cyberskin in a cool dry place. Apply talc powder evenly over the surface of the toy. If you do not store these toys properly or apply talc they will lose their realistic feel, become sticky and ruined. Always remember to wipe the talc off prior to use. Expect to pay a little more for sex toys made of cyberskin as the manufacturing process is difficult and the materials used more costly.


Latex rubber sex toys are a very popular material for manufacturing sex toys. Most sex toys are made from latex rubber. Latex rubber has the softness of jelly without the associated warm plastic like smell or sticky texture. Latex rubber toys are considerably firmer than jelly or silicone toys but somewhat softer than toys made of plastic. Latex rubber toys are a good choice for the first time buyer. Sex toys made of rubber are often cheaper and a good start up choice before upgrading to more expensive and often higher quality sex toy. Latex toys are a good way to experiment with a certain design before upgrading to a better quality material. Latex rubber sex toys are cheap and do the job just fine. However, they will not last forever and will wear out much faster than jelly or silicone toys. Latex rubber is also an incredibly porous material. This makes them very hard to clean. If these toys are not cleaned properly they can easily develop a layer of harmful bacteria. We recommend that you purchase a bottle of sex toy cleaner for any latex toy or use a condom over the toy to help keep it clean. This will help to extend the life of the toy. Please be advised that some people are allergic to latex rubber.


Plastic sex toys are strong and durable toys. Many people really like plastic sex toys, as they are smooth, solid and far less porous than rubber sex toys. Plastic toy vibrations travel through the material without losing power or intensity. This in-turn produces more powerful vibrations than rubber or jelly toys. This is a major advantage if you are looking for intense pinpoint clitoral or g-spot stimulation. Plastic vibrators are not the best choice for internal use or thrusting in and out. However, they make wonderful clitoral teasers. When they come in contact with your g-spot or clitoris, they focus the vibrations and in-turn the stimulation to the exact area you want satisfied. To clean your plastic sex toy, soak a cotton ball in surgical spirit (otherwise known as rubbing alcohol) and wipe down your toy. If you are worried about bringing the alcohol wiped toy into the vicinity of your genitalia, you can follow the alcohol wipe with a gentle wipe down with a damp cloth (soaked in water). Plastic sex toys are good for people with allergies to latex. A disadvantage to plastic sex toys is that they tend to be noisy.


Jelly sex toys come in an array of different colors and shapes. Jelly toys are composed from a flexible rubber based material that isn't quite as flexible as silicone, but is still incredibly pliable, flexible and comfortable to use. The secret to using sex toys made of jelly is using lots of water-based lubrication. Never use silicone based lubricants with sex toys made of jelly. Sex toys made from jelly are usually a lot quieter than toys made of plastic. This is due to the jelly material absorbing some of the vibrations. This in-turn means that the vibrations are less powerful than toys made from plastic and have more of a massaging sensation. Jelly toys are also not as smooth as plastic or silicone sex toys. If you run your hand or finger down a jelly toy it is likely your hand or finger will stick slightly or skid a little on the jelly material. Sex toys made of jelly can never be completely sterilized. Never share a sex toy made of jelly unless you use a condom. Never insert a jelly sex toy into the vagina after it has been inserted in the anus. Bacteria in the anus do not mix well with vaginal tissue; and due to the porous nature of jelly can become trapped in the toy. Because sex toys made of jelly are very porous they should be cleaned using sex toy cleaner or just warm water before and after each use. Do not use soap to clean jelly sex toys. Jelly toys seem to attract dust and lint. To ensure you get the most from your jelly sex toys store them in a cool dry place wrapped in a lint free cloth. Jelly sex toys also smell a little like warm plastic. Some people may find this unpleasant, although most have no problems associated with the smell.

Vinyl Rubber

Vinyl rubber is an inexpensive material that is favored by fetishists. Although vinyl rubber is not as good a quality as silicone it is better quality than latex rubber. Sex toys made from vinyl rubber are pretty strong and make great anal toys and butt plugs. Vinyl rubber sex toys are slightly less porous than latex rubber, so should last longer than latex. However, vinyl rubber is porous and can also form a layer of harmful bacteria if they are not cleaned properly with sex toy cleaner after each use. Vinyl sex toys are a good substitute for people who have allergies to latex rubber. Please ensure you check that the vinyl has no latex in it before you purchase your sex toy.

Play Passions sells sex toys made of body safe materials.

The sex toys found in the Play Passions catalog are either made from silicone, ABS plastic, metal or glass. Some of these adult pleasure products contain a combination of some or many of these materials. For example, most of the pleasure objects made by LELO include both body-safe silicone and ABS plastic: The outer cover of the sex toy that comes in contact with your body is silicone; The inner core that houses the motor and battery are encased in ABS plastic, another body-safe material.

If you have questions about sex toy materials, contact Play Passions Customer Care.