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How to travel with sex toys - Information on traveling with sex toys and sex lubes.

Traveling with sex toys - Take your Toys on the Trip!

Did you know that if you carry any type of electronics on a U.S. airplane you may be asked to turn it on and show the inspectors how it works? Simple enough if all you have to do is turn on your iPod or camera. But what about powering up that silicone vibrator you have hidden in your bag? How would you like to lube that up and demo for the boys and girls of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)? Our guide to traveling with sex toys will make your trip a smoother journey.

You don't have to leave your fun stuff at home on your next trip! There are quite a few options for traveling with sex toys, and any other bedroom-related goodies you might want to have with you.

Checked Baggage

The good thing about packing your items in your checked baggage is that it alleviates any embarrassing situations at the security gate. The not-so-good thing is that when you check your bags, you lose control of the contents for a period of time. Your bags are still screened, and if a mysterious looking item is seen, your bag is opened for inspection. If you're not there to give the TSA personnel an explanation of the item, or they just decide it shouldn't make the trip, they do have the right to confiscate it.

Tip: If you pack your lubricants and lotions in your checked bags, there is no size limit. Be sure to drop the containers in zip-lock type bags! The section of the airplane that holds your checked baggage is not pressurized, and the the changes in altitude can cause your lube containers to expand and contract. Keeping them inside a leak-proof bag will eliminate the chance of the liquid or gel spilling on to your clothing.

 Carry-On Baggage

If you must pack your toys in your carry-on bag, here are a few pointers:

Vibrators: Pack smaller, more compact toys. Smaller items usually get less attention. Instead of packing your Hitachi Magic Wand, you might look into smaller vibes that pack a punch, like the Jimmyjane Mini Travel Vibrator, Fifty Shades of Grey Wickedly Tempting Vibrator or the Athena Waterproof Mini Massager.

Tip: Whether you take your toys in your carry-on bag or in your checked luggage, always remove the batteries before packing! Traveling with sex toys on a flight can make items shift in your luggage. This could accidentally turn your toys to "on" position and wear out your batteries in flight. Just remove them and place them in a bag until you're ready to use the toys. Or get some packs of fresh batteries and drop them in your bag before you go.

Lubes and Lotions: The TSA guidelines for packing liquids or gels in your carry on currently go by the "3-1-1" rule. Basically, this means that each passenger can can take a 1-quart bag with liquids or gels in (up to) 3-ounce containers inside (for detailed information, visit the TSA site).

With this rule in mind, just pack smaller containers of your favorite lube or potion in your carry-on bag. For personal lubricants, try LELO Personal Moisturizer in the 2.5-ounce bottle, Intimate Organics Hydra in the 2-ounce bottle or Wicked Sensual Care Aqua in a convenient travel size. A small amount of any of these lubes goes a long way!

About that Jewelry . . .

It's best to remove all (we mean all) of your body jewelry and pack it before heading to the airport. Some jewelry won't set off metal detectors (like ones made of gold), but most will. If you can't or don't want to remove your body jewelry, be prepared for security personnel to single you out and possibly search you completely. On heightened alert the TSA personnel will likely need to see the jewelry for themselves -- in which case they will assign a same-sex officer to take a look.

Travel with Sex Toys - Play Passions

Have the Fun Delivered!

A great way to get your sex toys to your destination is to have them delivered. If you've been planning your trip and have your hotel reservations (or know where you're staying), have your toys shipped to you. Most hotels and resorts will accept packages for you a day or two in advance of your arrival. Check with your accommodation provider prior to shipping anything to yourself. We suggest using a priority-type of delivery service instead of ground, so you have a tracking number in case something gets lost.

You can also use a service, like Play Passions Concierge. This popular shopping and delivery service can make getting toys, lubes, lotions and accessories to and back from your destination easy and discreet. You purchase online, the items are delivered to your room and then you simply ship them home after your trip. More information on the Play Passions Concierge service!

More questions? If you have more questions or concerns about traveling with sex toys, just drop us a note! And if you have any comments or experiences you'd like to add to this article, let us know. Contact us at play@playpassions.com.